Healthcare & Wellbeing

One of the largest secular trend in the world is that consumers are increasingly willing to pay out of pocket for health care and well-being services, especially if it is hyper available and offers seamless user experiences.

New Retail

Leveraging new technology to seamlessly merge the online and offline world through state of the art user experiences. The huge shift from commerce to e-commerce and services also implies plummeting rental prices in malls and high streets.

Consumer Services & Entertainment

Services revenue surpassed goods years ago, and the trend continues. We believe in a world where environmentally conscious consumers will value services over goods and where human interaction is increasingly important.

Food & Beverages

Spend shifting from groceries to restaurants and eatertainment is a massive global trend. The Nordics are lagging behind countries like the US and UK on availability of high quality and modern food concepts, which represents a significant opportunity.

B2B Services

B2B customers are increasingly having the same expectations on user experience, pricing, simplicity and professionalism as B2C customers. However, the supply is in many cases significantly worse than on the B2C side, implying huge opportunities.


We believe the sectors we have identified as attractive also have huge potential for innovation on the tech side. We seek to build and invest in pure play SaaS solutions that can drive innovation across all the sectors we’re focusing on.

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We're always looking for driven, adventurous and talented people


We’re always looking for driven, adventurous, commercial and friendly people