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Our mission

A&CO in short

Askeladden & Co is a venture studio. But in many ways different from  other venture studios out there, as we go one step beyond in providing hands on support.

Together with our co-founders, we develop, finance and scale great companies. Our sweet spot is businesses that simplify the lives of customers and employees, enabled by technology. We strive to build data-driven companies that can scale quickly and globally.

A&CO consists of business developers, analysts, marketers, tech developers, finance professionals, accountants, HR professionals & more, that provide significant hands on operational support to all the companies - particularly in early phase.

Our joint mission is to enable success for our people by building the world's greatest companies.

Askeladden Aftenposten

We started in 2016 with a goal in mind

A&CO was started with the goal of making the world better by building great companies. For the end customers, the people working in the companies and better for society. We systematically work to identify industries where be believe we can make a positive impact on these three pillars.

In order to achieve this, our ambition is to enable more people to become entrepreneurs and succeed. Education, experience and tenure dramatically reduces the amount of people who want to start their own business. This is a problem.

In Norway, the amount of people wanting to become entrepreneurs is reduced with 75% once you finish your masters degree. We have built a place to work where great talent can become entrepreneurs or work with startups at a significantly lower risk than starting a company the traditional way.

A&CO leverages

Technology to fuel innovation
We leverage data and new technology to create smooth online-to-offline customer experiences, as well as more efficient backend operations.

State of the art digital marketing tools
We acquire and maximize the value of each customer through hyper targeted marketing and best in class CRM.

Strategy and synergies
Proprietary methodology for all company development and scaling, significant strategy experience and tons of synergies across companies.

People at the core
Ruthless recruiting of top tier talent, training, career development and social connections is a key component in all of our companies.

Our Values

The core values that drive everything we do


Opportunities together

The journey of building the world's greatest companies is best traveled together. As a part of A&CO or the companies there are endless opportunities, and supporting one another is a core part of what we do.


All gas, no brakes

It's about energy and value creation; for our companies, our customers and our colleagues. Huge ambitions, stretchy targets and hard work is purposeful on its own.


Keep it simple

Complicating is easy. Simplifying is hard. Simple plain vanilla solutions, for customers, employees and for the company itself, is our way of creating significant value.

Companies: Keep it simple. This way we make money, which is the enabler for everything we do

Customers: Keep it simple. This way we get satisfied customers who come back

Employees: Keep it simple. This way we get satisfied employees who stay

Our Offices
Parkveien 12, 0350 Oslo
Sandviksveien 110, 5035 Bergen