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Our Process

How we build companies

Together with our cofounders, we develop, finance and scale great companies. Our sweet spot is businesses that simplify the lives of customers and employees, enabled by technology. We strive to build data-driven companies that can scale quickly and globally.

Across all phases, the companies are supported by A&CO’s teams within tech, marketing, HR, finance, construction, real estate, analysis and strategy.

Step 1

Explore market opportunities

Through market analysis, qualitative and quantitative research, combined with extensive experience in strategy and business development, we try to identify attractive markets and industries to enter where we can build companies of significant scale and value.

Every year we scout 100+ industries, inspired from both our home markets and abroad.

Step 2

Find adventurous people

Building and leading great companies is all about attracting driven, commercial and friendly people. We’re always looking for talents to take part in our next adventures. See all of our open positions here.

Step 3

Develop strong concepts

Together with our CEOs and cofounders, we seek to develop great concepts with strong business models. The customer always comes first, with high quality offerings wrapped in smooth online-to-offline experiences.

Step 4

Launch and tweak

We seek to launch companies within 3-6 months after the CEO/cofounder started the journey. Once launched, we grind and tweak until we reach proof of concept, which for us means happy customers, happy employees and proven ability to profit.

Step 5

Operate and scale

When we’ve reached proof of concept, it’s all about scaling the companies to the biggest possible size.

Step 6

Exit & find a better owner

We want to own the companies as long as we are the best owners that can provide the best possible support. At some point, others will be better fit to take the companies to the next level.


We’re always looking for driven, adventurous, commercial and friendly people