Building trust and convenience in mobility

At Rebil, you can buy or finance the car online and have it delivered to your home within 24 hours. Rebil builds trust and convenience when buying used cars online.

About 500,000 used cars are sold in Norway every year, but approx. 40% of all used cars in Norway experience faults. Rebil was on mission to solve these pain points, such as lack of price transparency, right car for the right buyer and quality assurance. This is done by providing full service of all cars on the platform, 6 months guarantee, 14 days full refund and free delivery in 24 hours.

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Our Subsidiaries

Discover our diverse family of subsidiaries, each contributing to our collective growth and innovation.

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Meet the CEO


Kristian Melchior

With an MSc in Economics, and several years as an consultant at both Qvartz and Bain & Company, Rebil's Kristian Melchior knows how to put down hard work to achieve results. Melchior has in short time delivered results, and is eager to build trust and convenience when buying used cars online.

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