We still spend most of our time and money offline

While many may think and feel that all of our time is consumed online, this is (fortunately) not true. Therefore we have made and will continue to make companies within the physical entertainment sector. First out on this journey was Paint'n'Sip - based on a very popular concept internationally - where you can paint and drink simultaneously. Delightfully simple, but yet so engaging.

Since its begging in the autumn of 2017, Paint’n Sip has delighted tens of thousands of Norwegians with paint and fun, and you will now find them in 6 cities around the country.

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Our Subsidiaries

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Meet the CEO

Paint'n Sip

Rikke Dybvig

Rikke has a MSc in Economics from Oslo Metropolitan University. After her studies, she worked as a consultant at RVTS. But in 2020 she was onto new adventures, and started researching the entertainment market in Norway. Rikke can pride herself more than 10.000+ happy and hopefully more creative customers!

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