A reaction to an overpriced and overly serious eyewear market

Okkult is an eyewear producer and brand that offers self-produced optical glasses, sunglasses and blue-light glasses, as well as offering a free, simplified eye vision test.

Okkult is a counter-reaction to an outdated eyewear industry. An industry characterised by high prices and complicated options. They wanted to shift focus from overpriced brand glasses, and over to you as a person and customer. Why? Because they believe everyone has the right to look good and look good - without getting broke while at it. They do this by skipping expensive intermediaries and rather go straight to the manufacturers.

All the glasses are self-produced Scandinavian design, and they offer exactly the same quality as you can expect from any fashion house. Okkult is passionated with being transparent and adaptable. This entails a responsibility to create a socially responsible product that takes the environmental threat seriously. Therefore, they use an organic material called "eco-acetate" in all the glasses.

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Meet the CEO

Okkult Eyewear

Caroline Branzén

Caroline has her background from hospitality, and can pride herself with leading a large number of hotel staff. Some of her milestones is being Operations Manager of Nordic Light Hotels, where she was responsible for all the operating departments at the hotel. Restaurant, kitchen, conference, front desk and housekeeping. Today she is onto new adventures, giving people the right to look good (pun intended).

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