"No problems are too small as long as they are problems for you."

Dr. Dropin's journey was based on the lack of a capacity and long queues within the healthcare sector in Norway. Dr.Dropin wanted to do something about this. It started with offering general practitioner services, but they could quickly see that the lack of capacity extended beyond the need for general practitioner services.

Thus, Dr.Dropin was expanded with another service, Dr.Dropin Psychology. Today, they are proud to be able to offer therapy with their skilled psychologists and psychiatrists to anyone who needs therapy. With their slogan "No problems are too small, as long as they are problems for you", they want to offer therapy exactly when you need it.

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Meet the CEO

Dr.Dropin Psykologi

Cathrine Børsand

After almost 4 years at the consultant house Deloitte, Cathrine Børsand was ready to take on new adventures. Now she has passionately launched and scaled Dr.Dropin sub-brand Dr.Dropin Psychology.

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