Healthcare for businesses

Dr.Dropin Business offers healthcare for businesses made easy, in the way they tailor the solution for your business and employees.

Dr. Dropin's journey was based on the lack of a capacity and long queues within the health sector in Norway. Dr.Dropin wanted to do something about this. It started with offering general practitioner services, and has today expanded into offering dermatology, gynaecology, psychology, pediatrics and physical therapy.

The need for healthcare did not stop at consumers, which led to the making of Dr.Dropin Business.

our subsidiaries

Our Subsidiaries

Discover our diverse family of subsidiaries, each contributing to our collective growth and innovation.

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Meet the CEO

Dr.Dropin Bedrift

Erik Ruhs

Ending his time as a consultant at Bain & Company, Erik Ruhs was keen on new adventures. That led him to A&CO, where he is now CEO and co-founder of Dr.Dropin's extension into health servises for Businesses.

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