The wait is over

Dr.Dropin is a private healthcare provider, at fixed low prices and the best availability on the market. Dr.Dropin offers services in their clinics and through digital channels.

Dr. Dropin's journey was based on the lack of a capacity and long queues within the healthcare sector in Norway. Dr.Dropin wanted to do something about this. It started with offering general practitioner services, and has today expanded into offering dermatology, gynaecology, psychology, pediatrics and physical therapy.

Today Dr.Dropin has Norway’s most accessible network of clinics with >20 clinics across major cities.

Meet the CEO

Daniel Sørli

Daniel Sørli has a from University of Oslo, and is a specialist in general medicine. After working 4 years as a doctor, he was onto new adventures. This marked the beginning of taking his medical experience, and making it more accesible for people, whom were already complaining about long waiting lists in the public health service in Norway. Today he can pride himself with 23 locations in the four largest cities in Norway, making Dr.Dropin one of the biggest actors in the private medical sector.

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