Norwegians loves pizza

In fact, 13% of every Norwegian eats pizzas on Fridays. We could see that there was an obvious market here, and found out that what pizza loving Norwegians were missing was an opportunity to have pizza 'on the go'. With that in mind, we set Digg out to life.

Digg wants to make a tasty pizza at tasty price. Simple, but so true. And how do they do it? With a sourdough base and Norway's favourite ingredients, they make Italian-style pizza served to you in 5 minutes.

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Meet the CEO

Digg Pizza

Gaute Ervik Bakke

Digg's own Gustav Ervik Bakke has a background in Economics, with an MSc in Economics from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). After graduating, he worked as a consultant at Arkwright. But in 2019 he was onto new adventures, and started developing the pizza-concept Digg.

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