A fresh breath in Norways dental industry

Blid wanted to create a modern dental health clinic, offering high quality dental treatments while making the service more accessible, easier to use and cheaper for the patient.

The result? A chain of cozy dental clinics with long opening hours Monday to Sunday, digital and easy appointment booking, and reasonable prices without surprising additions. At any of their 3 clinics you can meet a team of skilled dentists and dental hygienists, greeting you with a smile.

our subsidiaries

Our Subsidiaries

Discover our diverse family of subsidiaries, each contributing to our collective growth and innovation.

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Meet the CEO


Ingrid Lange

Blid’s Ingrid Lange has an MSc in Economics from Imperial Collage Business School. After her studies, she worked as a consultant at Bain & Company. But in 2019 she was onto new adventures, and started researching the dentist market in Norway. Ingrid and Blid has since launch in May 2020, treated 7 000 patients, with a
customer satisfaction with an avg. NPS of 83.

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