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Co-founder & CEO, B2B-SaaS Company (ENG)

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Askeladden & Co is seeking an experienced and visionary entrepreneur to co-found their next B2B SaaS startup with us.

Askeladden & Co is a leading venture studio that co-creates world-class companies with entrepreneurs. We are a team of founders, operators, and consultants with experience successfully bringing companies to market at scale.

About EDDA

As a venture studio, we have spent two years building a technical platform to meet the needs of our portfolio companies. We believe that this platform can solve problems for many companies outside the Askeladden & Co ecosystem, and for that reason we have decided to create a new stand-alone company, EDDA, to make that happen. Typically we recruit CEOs and build companies from scratch, together. This case is different because here we have an MVP with paying customers already.

EDDA is a solution for automating and simplifying data gathering and analysis. It solves issues with data management by automating and assuring quality of data streams. EDDA’s business model is proven internationally, and profitability has been demonstrated in Norway. Initial customers have already demonstrated drastic improvements in key metrics that strengthens operations, for example:

  • Helped a restaurant chain increase efficiency and revenue per employee
  • Helped a retail chain increase employee utilization after implementing insights based staffing

We are now looking for an experienced leader who can take on the role as Co-founder & CEO and build Edda into a global business.

About the role

As Co-founder & CEO, your first creation will be the product, your second creation is the company.

Initially you will come in and be the Doer-in-Chief. You will lead a small team of currently two people, and you must be deeply involved in both building the product (observing/interacting with users, designing product specs) and acquiring users/customers.

Later, you will need to be comfortable with the transition from “Doer-in-Chief” to “Company-Builder-in-Chief.” This is how you scale as a CEO, and CEO scaling is the first step in company-building. For most founders, this is very difficult. When you’ve been a successful Doer-in-Chief, it’s hard to stop. It’s hard to stop designing product specs, and interacting with customers on a daily basis. It’s hard to stop answering support tickets, doing all the product demos, and debugging the latest build. It’s even hard to delegate the random and sometimes menial tasks that you’ve accumulated over the years because they were “no one’s job.” But you have to stop doing all of these things so that you can safeguard your time for high leverage tasks that only CEOs can do.

About you

  • You’re motivated to co-found a new venture as the CEO
  • Proven experience leading a team
  • You know what you’re signing up for
  • You’re familiar with the scrappiness of owning a business from start to finish
  • You understand the role of key stakeholders: customers, talent, and investors
  • You bring relevant domain expertise and/or industry advantage
  • You have previous experience from an early-stage company (product company or B2B SaaS venture)
  • You are a generalist with solid skills in a key startup discipline (sales, tech, product, design, marketing, etc.)
  • You have experience pitching to investors and raising capital

What's in it for me?

As Co-founder & CEO of an Askeladden company, you will be part of an entrepreneurial community with enormous commitment, high ambitions and a strong culture of sharing - we stand together in the ups and downs, and attack opportunities together. In addition to concept development, sparring and collaboration with the A&CO system, you will work closely with Axel Lindnér (Partner & ex-Uber) and Petter Samuelsen (Partner & Head of Technology).

What can you expect from being part of the entrepreneurial community at Askeladden & Co:

  • Real business: With us, you're at the helm from day to day. Often we will analyze, discuss and decide before lunch, implement after lunch and see the results the next day
  • Better everyday life: At the heart of all our companies is making everyday life better for customers and employees. You will quickly make an impact on the everyday lives of a large number of customers and employees
  • Short time horizon: One of the most important criteria for starting the ventures we do is that rapid growth should be possible. That's what the foundation is built to achieve
  • Financial exposure: For all co-founders and employees, we enable significant financial exposure and upside by allowing everyone to invest in each other's companies on an ongoing basis.

What is the process like?

Application: We read applications continuously and will get back to you as soon as we have reviewed your profile. The timeframe may vary depending on the recruitment pressure.

Round 1: Introductory meeting with Askeladden & Co Partner, Axel Lindnér

Round 2: Interview with Askeladden & Co Partner, Petter Samuelsen

Round 3: Case

Round 4: Interview with Askeladden & Co Managing Partner, Martin Shütt


If this seems like the right fit for you, don’t hesitate to Apply now! We look forward to reading your application 🚀🙌🏼