Making movement an experience

CREW offers a boutique fitness experience at a reasonable price point, exclusively focusing group classes, such as running, strength, yoga and boxing.

At CREW, training is as training should be as training should be: Effective, fun and easy! And it's much more fun when you do it with friends. By putting a lot of resources into equipment, trainers and physical spaces, the CREW experience is packed with pumping music, flashing lights and a lot of adrenaline.

Meet the CEO

Marius Dæhlie Clem

Marius is the COO at CREW and oversees the operations of the company. Before his time as a business student, Marius Dæhlie Clem gained experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and gym manager. During his bachelor years, Marius has been the National President and head of BI Business School student union, overseeing and being in charge of the union ‘s activities and operations at all four BI Campuses in Norway. He has proven to be a well-organised and effective manager, with the ability to think quick on his feet and staying positive to any obstacle. Combined with his experience in the fitness industry, we believe Marius will take Crew to new heights.

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