About A&CO
Sep 9, 2022

We're always looking for driven, adventurous, commercial and friendly people!

We are nothing without our people. Want to learn more about how it’s like to work here? We’d love to give you a glimpse of how our amazing people build companies, and how we have fun while at it.

Is this you?

What we look for varies somewhat from position to position, but across all, we're always looking for adventurers!

Strong adventurousness

  • Entrepreneur: You have a strong desire to create something
  • Ambitious: You have huge ambitions on behalf of yourself and the company
  • ACO spirit: You identify with our values

Loads of drive

  • Structured: You understand what's required and prioritize effectively
  • Drive: You have the will and ability to work hard and make things happen
  • Stamina: You are able to work hard and stay motivated

Sharp commercial capabilities

  • Commercial: You understand what drives commercial value
  • Business minded: You translate the value creation potential into practical solutions
  • Strategic: You use the value potential as a guide when making strategic decisions

Leadership skills

  • Interessted: You're genuinely interested in others stated and non-stated points of view
  • Cooperation: You work effectively with others in small and large groups
  • Initiative: You take a formal or unformal leader role in groups

Solid personal characteristics

  • Integrity: You are true to your beliefs under pressure from others
  • Empathy: You respect, listen to and take into account the views of others
  • Influence: You adapt your way of being to maximize the impact of your ideas


  • The foundation: You take ownership to challenges and opportunities ACO / your company has
  • The people: You support your colleagues in their development
  • The reputation: You represent ACO / your company in a good way, in line with our mission and values